Advantages of Developing a Central Billing Office

central billing office

Fixed Operating Cost

By converting variable costs of using an outside billing service into a fixed cost, the financial health of the organization improves, allowing for accurate growth forecasting and spend.

Scalable Infrastructure

As your healthcare organization grows, investing in quality staff is necessary to meet the demands of the organization without compromising either qualify of care or profit. With our recruiting expertise and cost-effective employment solutions, making the necessary investments in infrastructure will not initially have a material effect on your company’s cash flow, and return on investment on each employee will be much quicker than if your practice recruited stateside.

Focused and Motivated Employees

All our staff are experienced and highly versed in the medical practice revenue cycle process. We believe that defining a specific role for each staff member and training the staff member to exceed our client’s specifications will provide multiple benefits to your practice including increased revenue and net income plus greater bandwidth to focus on other important aspects of your operation.

Immediate Substantial Bottom Line Improvements

For every staff member that you hire, your practice will enjoy an immediate increase to your bottom line, up to $3,000 a month per employee. Additional revenue increases from focused and disciplined billing and collections practices and adding additional bandwidth to your existing infrastructure by outsourcing your RCM can add more than 10% to your bottom line within the first 12 months!