COVID-19 Resources and Tools

covid 19 resources and tools
Resource Description Why It Might Be Useful Resource Link Action / How Used
COVID-19 patient care information Issues and challenges while caring for individuals with cancer during the coronavirus pandemic. ASCO will update this information as new questions emerge and evidence develops.
A statistical model from Penn for Bed Capacity Management How many beds will you need for the COVID-19 spread and when? Health System leadership can fill out the model themselves or LeanTaaS can get on a call with them and think through it
A paper from Imperial College London that projects how COVID-19 could play out Thinking through the next few months to plan ahead. What could the “waves” look like for my hospital? Health System leadership can fill out the model themselves or LeanTaaS can get on a call with them and think through it
MIT Tech magazine article on the implications Planning the specific “waves” that systems may need to prepare for Health System leadership can fill out the model themselves or LeanTaaS can get on a call with them and think through it
UCHealth Oncology Service Line Conservation of PPE during COVID 19- Hazardous Drugs Provides guidance on PPE conservation used by UCHealth Knowledge sharing
UCHealth SystemWide Hazardous Drug List List of hazardous drugs used at UCHealth Reference
Article outlining how to Convert ORs to ICUs Written by a former Medical Director / Board Certified Anesthesiologist Knowledge sharing
A guide from China on how to treat COVID-19 in the hospital setting Captures China’s experience in case useful Knowledge sharing
Useful facts/figures on what’s going on Aggregated Official country and statewide stats Reference Guide
WHO Health Alerts via WhatsApp WHO is partnering with WhatsApp to provide a variety of information directly to people around the world WhatsApp; article below Text “hi” to +41 79 893 1892 and a number of options will be presented (e.g. latest statistics, travel advisories, misinformation)
Article that reviews practices for personal protective equipment (PPE) of healthcare workers followed by actual policy change at Partners HC Atul Gawande reviews what Singapore and Hong Kong implemented to prevent covid spread amongst providers-protecting the most needed resource which has been crippling many states/nations
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Valuable reflection on successful PPE strategies Followed by actionable policy changes that can help hc systems protect their hc providers- can be sent to some of our clients if interested….
Stats on COVID-19 across the nation & world international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available, no political connections, used widely at many universities World and nation-wide stats, great visual, with live counters
Managing Cancer Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Agility and Collaboration Toward a Common Goal This article highlights the unique challenges of cancer treatment during the pandemic using Seattle as an example. Provides a concrete list of treatment, hospital management, and ethical considerations as well as strategies+tactics deployed by organizations in the Seattle.
COVID-19 Resources for Health Systems Resources and links designed to help health systems respond to and inform their communities around the Coronavirus. Curated by This Week in Health IT
Health System Frontline Reports Anecdotes from hospitals and health systems HISTalk
Real-time update on COVID-19 in US and Canada This website manually aggregates data from different government websites and the latest news reports. Volunteers fact-check and de-dul all the updates to bring the accurate information. All cases have links to credible sources. Rich data can be used for analysis and case prediction
PPE resource Site where ppe needs are being collected and shown, by system, by state Ideally can be sent to hospitals across the nation to better detail the different ppe needs by site, with hope of matching needs
Just approved by FDA: RAPID TEST for Covid-19 by Cepheid FDA Approved Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Test Can be sent to hospitals to help bring awareness to new testing being made available to rapid-test for covid-19