Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I outsource employment to PE for Healthcare, as opposed to hiring employees based in the United States?

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Reimbursements for patient visits and procedures by medical providers are finite, despite the amount of time required to collect the full reimbursement for the procedure. This means that for most practices, the cost of trying to collect past due receivables using the basic cost of hourly labor and benefits for experienced personnel within the United States, are sometimes higher more than the value of the receivable.

Outsourcing labor gives the Medical Practice an opportunity to be profitable on each and every transaction, regardless of the time required to collect the receivable. adding significant bottom-line revenue for the provider.

I am concerned about data breeches and the significant penalties associated with HIPAA violations; how can I be sure that PE for Healthcare staff are HIPAA compliant?

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PE for Healthcare takes the privacy of patient data as the basis for everything that we do. We have developed an extensive SOP for the company and staff that all but guarantees complete HIPAA compliance. Rest assured, that even in the event of any HIPAA violation, PE for Healthcare takes full financial responsibility for any breach that we are responsible for

How does my staff communicate issues with PE for Healthcare outsourced staff?

Clients have the option of communicating directly with PE for Healthcare staff during regular working hours or through their assigned customer service liaison. Typically, any issues and questions will be dealt in real-time. Outsourced PE for Healthcare staff are extensions of your business.

We have a specialty specific EHR system that handles both patient records and billing. How do we train outsourced staff on the system?

Our goal is to offer trained personnel, which means that our staff learns your patient and billing software before any staff is assigned to your account. The training and ongoing management of outsourced staff is what makes PE for Healthcare unique.

What happens if we have issues with PE for Healthcare staff, how are the issues handled?

PE for Healthcare management will work with the client and the staff in question with the goal of resolving any issues. If the issue is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, then client has the option of either requesting a replacement or discontinuing that particular job function with PE for Healthcare. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction.

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