Healthcare Practice Management

Healthcare Practice Management

Our goal is to keep the independent physician independent. We help the medical practice focus on fundamentals in order to maximize revenue, income and patient satisfaction.  This means analyzing clinical and financial data and then helping our clients discover ways they can improve efficiency and quality

healthcare practice management

Areas of Expertise

  • Increasing Revenue
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Coordinating Patient Registration with Revenue Cycle Management
  • Organizational Optimization
  • Data Abstraction for MIPS/MACRA/APM

1) Increasing Revenue

Our healthcare revenue cycle management consultants identify areas of opportunity to increase cash from operations on a continuing basis. We work with you to reduce denials, identify alternate payoffs for coverage, and reduce cost to collect through process improvements. Using information gathered from payor denials, we help your team build appropriate front-end controls and edits to drive accountability. Additionally, we align with our clinical performance team to reduce clinical denials at the source.

Our healthcare revenue cycle management can help organizations quickly liquidate aging and at-risk accounts receivables into much-needed cash. Working closely with your leadership team, we will identify the optimal blend of in-sourcing and outsourcing to maximize results in the most cost-effective manner.

2) Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Analysis

Through analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), we can help clinics focus on practice fundamentals; billing, collecting, cash flow management and profitability.

3) Standard Operating Procedures

We bring standardization to your practice for a consistent patient experience. Creating best practices standard operating procedures for each business and clinic process throughout your organization improves the quality of care, increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

4) Patient Registration

Navigating patients efficiently and effectively through the administrative process is a critical component of patient satisfaction and data accuracy. We have extensive experience helping organizations improve patient registration, financial counseling, cash at point of service, and other front-end revenue cycle functions to ensure the smooth flow of patients and related financial information.

5) Organizational Optimization

We can help you develop and implement a customized revenue cycle strategy and operating model that ensures patient satisfaction and internal span of control while boosting net revenues. We can implement process improvements to drive net income from operations and define performance metrics to sustain results and build accountability throughout your organization. We also assist you in balancing internal resources and outsourced vendor relationships that are integrated into your workflows for superior operational/coverage metrics and outcomes reporting.

6) Data Abstraction for MIPS | MACRA | APM

Thoroughly Abstracting Clinical Data and populating that data into the proper field within the EHR will reduce the cost of care while improving clinical quality reporting for all MACRA | MIPS | APM requirements.

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