Keeping The Independent Physician Independent

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It is my goal to keep the independent physician independent

I have worked for many years as a medical practice administrator and a consultant for medical practices in Southern California and surrounding areas. I have seen independently owned medical practices struggle to remain viable even before the pandemic. Now during these extremely difficult times, many medical providers may feel they have to seriously consider their viability as independent, non-affiliated providers.

I see this as a loss to communities in which independent medical providers serve. For patients, independent local doctors’ offices are an attractive option when seeking care. For doctors, maintaining a profitable independent practice is more fulfilling than selling out to a large health system and losing control of the business and patients.

As medical offices may soon begin to regain their clinic presence providing care to patients under changing social distancing guidelines, I am prepared to assist them in overcoming the negative impacts the coronavirus (COVID19) has had on their business and staff.

We offer Complimentary practice evaluations where we work with providers and their staff to analyze everything from their basic cash flow projections to revenue cycle and clinic operations. These detailed evaluations will lead to insight on specific steps a practice can take to maintain their freedom and independence.

I have helped independent practices increase revenue by applying standard business disciplines such as optimization of scheduling, verification, collections, and resubmitting denied claims. In addition, I have helped practices avoid penalties on Medicare reimbursements by following quality and reporting guidelines under MACRA. My recently expanded offerings include providing staffing with exclusive remote workers who are experienced in medical business office processes.