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PE for healthcare is a business process outsourcing and management consulting firm which focuses on independent physicians, clinic infrastructure and immediate financial benefits for the provider.

The genesis of the company is the increasingly difficult environment for private practice providers to continue to be independent and profitable.

With domestic labor costs increasing and insurance payors using the denial of claims as a big driver of profit, the independent provider is being squeezed by rising infrastructure costs coupled with the need to invest in more labor to deal with getting patients approved and getting paid.

Our Goals

  • Fewer Burdens
  • Immediate Cost Savings
  • Greater Efficiencies

Management Team

Suresh Bhatia

CEO, Founder| PE for Healthcare,
Southern California

Suresh Bhatia has been in operations and financial management as CEO, COO, CFO and CAO throughout his career. He has extensive experience in medical clinic operations, in business process improvement, change management, P&L financial management, executive and physician recruiting, plus has negotiated multiple hospital provider payor partnerships. Suresh is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley plus has previously been a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and a licensed Medicare Insurance Broker.

Why Clients Choose Our Company

Our Company Can Help, Immediately. We Offer The Following Services:

Our end to end BPO solutions provide the client with a myriad of benefits that other recruiting, consulting or BPO firms do not.

We help the medical practice focus on fundamentals in order to maximize revenue, income and patient satisfaction.

Expertise in the Recruitment, Training and Management of Staff in Multiple Disciplines

Private Equity | Strategic Partnership Solutions: The Art of Leveraging Existing Relationships for Doctors’ Future

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