Private Equity Partnering

Negotiating on Behalf of Providers

Private Equity | Strategic Partnership Solutions: The Art of Leveraging Existing Relationships for Doctors’ Future

PE for Healthcare has extensive experience working with providers to maximize their relationships. Typical scenarios include the following:

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  • Partnering with Hospitals
    Health Plans to provide clinic funding provider recruitment, practice expansion, income guarantees, sign on bonuses, contract negotiations
  • Merger and or acquisitions of existing group or new groups

Areas of Expertise:

  • Compensation Agreements for Providers in new or existing entity
  • Private Equity Sourcing and Funding.
  • Bank funding for Practice Transition and or expansion
  • Clinic ownership transitions, purchase agreements and separation agreement
  • Stock ownership, Partner Profit Distributions
  • Strategic partnering for future Private Equity Funding
  • Clinic Financial and Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) overview and go forward strategies to increase potential future payouts to providers.

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About Private Equity Partnering

Private Equity Partners typically invest a multiple of a clinic’s profits for an equity stake. Providers get the dual benefit of an upfront cash payment plus the additional prospects of a second significant cash payout after an agreed upon period.

With Private Equity players awash in cash, healthcare is the natural environment for PE to focus their sights.

An Efficient Medical Practice that is functioning to it maximum efficiency and profitability will generate a larger initial payout.

Private Equity Firm in California